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  • M.D. Formula Collagen Filler EX
    Highly concentrated fine particles of 100% collagen penetrates deeply into skin to densely fill up the skin and to keep the skin tight; a concentrated filler product that gives sagging skin dramatic appearance of tightness. (elasticity effect of marine and phyto collagen)
    M.D.Formula Celltox Filler EX
    An excellent wrinkle care line consisting of the BTX complex with the benefits of adenosine and Botox that can recover wrinkles. CELLTOX MASK SHEET EX provides and lasting boost of refreshment for any skin type, anytime and anywhere.
    M.D. Formula Pure Vitamin C Filler EX
    Dull and darkened skin caused by various factors such as UV rays, harsh environment, stress, etc., and various skin problems such as overall uneven skin tone can be effectively corrected through ample use of this vitamin C.